Maintain, Personalize

The services listed below are intended to maintain and personalize your creations.

In the majority of cases they are carried out in our boutique.

All of these services are offered by the Maison.

Shining service

Has your jewelry creation lost its shine or has its surface become scratched? The shining service allows Cartier to restore your creation's original shine and to remove all superficial scratches. It includes a diagnosis, buffing, cleaning and a technical and aesthetical check of your creation. If necessary, a rhodium-finishing bath will be carried out to restore your white gold creation.

Shining service: complimentary


The engraving service enables you to personalize your Cartier creation by having either a name, phrase or date (in several languages) or a symbol or design engraved on it (subject to technical constraints and the space available).

Engraving service: complimentary

Cord replacement

According to the season and your wishes, Cartier is pleased to offer you the replacement of your cord with a new one in the color of your choice.

Cord replacement service: complimentary