These different services are intended to preserve your creation over time, allowing it to be maintained, as closely as possible, to its original state.

Whatever the service requested, each of the listed interventions will be carried out to ensure the integrity of your creation.

Request price (any replacement components will be invoiced separately).

Repair or replacement of a component

Has an element of your Cartier creation been damaged or lost? A new component can be added or replaced. This part is invoiced in addition to the price of the service.

Component repair or replacement service: Request price


If your Cartier creation is distorted, our reshaping service will restore its original shape.

Reshaping service: Request price

Clasp or link repair

If the clasp or link of your Cartier creation is damaged, we recommend that you have it repaired to avoid losing it. This service involves various meticulous and delicate operations that will be carried out by Cartier jewelers.

Clasp or link repair service: Request price (replacement components required will be invoiced separately).


Has the surface of your jewelry piece become scratched? A polishing service can be carried out by Cartier jewelers and polishers, involving several meticulous and delicate operations. We recommend that you do not carry out more than three polishing services throughout the lifetime of your creation, to preserve its shape.

Polishing service: Request price

Stone/pearl replacement

Has a stone or pearl on your jewelry piece been damaged? Would you like to replace it? The stone or pearl replacement service will fulfil your request thanks to various meticulous and delicate operations carried out by Cartier jewelers. The stones and pearls are not included in the replacement service and will be invoiced separately. 

Stone/pearl replacement service: Request price