Master watchmaker

The highly complex, delicate mechanisms of Fine Watchmaking models are the exclusive creations of Cartier's most experienced watchmakers. During their training, which lasts more than a dozen years, these passionate craftsmen acquire a unique wealth of experience that covers all the stages of assembling and regulating a grande complication watch.

They are "orchestral conductors" of the infinitely small, who assemble more than 100 components, one by one, to bring the Fine Watchmaking pieces to life. The gears, jewels, escapement, screws and bridges are carefully assembled in a very specific sequence in order to ensure the flawless functioning of the movement. First by hand, then using precision apparatus, the master watchmakers carry out the meticulous adjustment of each caliber until perfect chronometry is achieved.

All these operations are performed in a clean environment where the air is controlled, filtered and renewed several times per hour. This is necessary to prevent the least speck of dust from landing on the smallest elements of the movement or the watch.