Using its savoir-faire, Cartier is able to translate its excellence in jewelry to the universe of watchmaking. Cartier precious watches are designed with one requirement in mind: using the most sophisticated techniques that serve the design.

Combining High Jewelry with watchmaking is an obvious choice for a Maison who bridges the gap between these two founding crafts. On the one hand, lies the exceptional stones and expert workshops and on the other, watchmaking and its exacting standards for precision.

Cartier draws upon the Maison’s excellence in the creation of jewelry when designing watches, and this is very much the case for baguette watches. These watches get their name from the baguette-cut diamonds they are paved with and their flat-topped rectangle shape. A true trailblazer, Cartier has been using baguette-cut diamonds since 1908. This miniaturization of the jeweler's work is distinguished by delicate execution. These creations are driven by the world’s smallest manual mechanical movement. Since 1927, this miniature mechanical movement has allowed for the creation of this linear aesthetic inspired by the stones themselves.

The panther made its début at Cartier in 1914 on the case of a women’s watch. For its first appearance, Cartier opted for an abstract motif of the panther’s spots, drawing inspiration from the feline’s coat. An emblem of the Maison, the Cartier panther has been reinvented over time. Whether figurative, graphic or abstract, its many appearances have only one purpose: to reproduce the spirit of the animal


There are many links between Cartier jewelry and watchmaking both from a stylistic and technical standpoint. Discoveries in both areas are exchanged and provide impetus for additional creations, as was the case with the so-called “trembling setting” used in jewelry design since the end of the 19th century. It enabled Cartier to let the diamonds move freely without the constraints that a traditional setting imposed. This technique, which maximizes the shine and sparkle of the diamonds, was introduced into the world of watchmaking in 2015 with the creation of the serti vibrant. 123 diamonds set in this way take pride of place, moving freely on the watch’s dial.


The Révélation d’une Panthère watch is a first in the world of watchmaking. In 2018, Cartier created a dial featuring a panther's head design which appears and disappears with the movements of the wrist, outlined by a multitude of mobile gold balls. In 2019, Cartier replaced the gold balls with 650 brilliant-cut diamonds. The design is the subject of two patent applications: one for the nature of the fluid that regulates the speed at which the gold balls and diamonds move, the other for the completely invisible glass structure.