Drive de Cartier watches




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170 years of style

Cartier has always designed exceptional objects.



Winston Churchill commissioned Cartier London to make this 9K gold cigarette case in the shape of an envelope for his son Randolph in 1932.

It featured the young man's address – an inside joke, since Churchill often accused Randolph of being scatterbrained. Much later, when King Farouk of Egypt fell in love with the item, Randolph was generous enough to give it to him as a gift.


Created by Cartier New York circa 1933, this black enamel and 14K gold watch doubles as a money clip  – a unique, elegant item that lets you check both the time and your finances with a single glance.

In this clever design, the watch pivots to protect its precious dial when the owner slips it into his pocket.


This 14K gold belt buckle with watch was designed at the Cartier New York workshops in the mid 20th century.

It's also known as the "golfer's watch."

Since it wasn't worn on the wrist, its owner could use it on the links without worrying about the impact of his swing damaging the movement.


Can I wear my watch while I sleep?

Ideally, no.

Especially if you move a lot in your sleep.

One false move and the dial could hit a wall, the bedside table, or your partner's face. Wrist straps can also be damaged from friction and perspiration.

To avoid collateral damage for all parties, be sure to take your watch off before you go to sleep.

If possible, place it in a Cartier watch box to be safe.


Should my watch feel loose or snug around my wrist?

There's no hard and fast rule; it's all a question of personal preference and comfort.

However, the strap should not be too loose, because the watch may be damaged if it slides on your wrist and strikes another object.

Generally, there should be a finger width's space between the strap and your wrist.


Where should I put on my watch?

On your wrist, of course.

But where specifically should you be when putting it on?

The best place is in the bedroom, over your bed.



Because watches are dropped most often in the morning when they are put on.

A fall onto the floor usually has dire consequences, but the bed is a soft surface that will absorb the shock if you suddenly drop your watch.