A meeting of materials, a collision of contrasts: a marriage of precious stones with ornamental hard stones, giving birth to spectacular creations. A first in High Jewelry, a stylistic feature steeped in character that balances technique with creative flair, updated by Cartier time and again since the early 20th century.


Original forms, landscaped materials, the stones of the new Cartier collection shake up the conventions of High Jewelry. Gems whose radical beauty causes us to wonder, whose mystery intrigues us. Enigmatic stones that bear witness to the origin of the world, transporting us outside of time.


Freeing High Jewelry from metal to reveal the beauty of the stones themselves. Creating light structures so that the gems can caress the skin. An art of subtraction that relies on the expertise of craftsmanship: each element is designed for and adapts to the body. Movement and mobility are prerequisites in every Cartier creation.


In this collection, diamonds allow rutilated quartzes to sparkle, sapphires glow alongside matrix opals, emeralds gleam next to rock crystal... Side by side the gems converse in a dialogged that flits between opacity and transparency, the mineral and the precious, pure colors and shimmering nuances, earth and light.