Clash de Cartier earrings XL Model

Yellow gold, coral
Clash de Cartier earrings XL Model

REF.:  N8515174

Product description

Clash de Cartier earrings, XL model, 18K yellow gold, coral. Width: 17.7mm CORAL SUSTAINABILITY The coral featured in the new Clash de Cartier collection, Corallium Rubrum, is not a reef coral species. It is 100% naturally sourced and non-treated. Cartier sources its materials with careful, responsible consideration and is committed to continuously improving its ethical, social and environmental performance. The coral in the Clash de Cartier collection is sourced entirely from Sardinia, Italy, which has strict laws and practices concerning coral fishing

About the collection

A duality of contrasts. Jewelry that simultaneously champions and rebels against classic forms, that balances a serious spirit with original charm.