Panthère de Cartier High Jewelry necklace White gold, peridots, onyx, emeralds, diamonds

REF: H7000042

Necklace - white gold, one 32.53-carat oval-shaped cabochon-cut peridot, one 10.11-carat peridot drop, onyx, emerald eyes, brilliant-cut diamonds. Cartier always seeks to perfect the harmony of each one of its creations. Because of this, the carat weight and the number of precious stones can vary slightly from piece to piece. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team should you require any further information regarding our creations.

The Cartier Étourdissant collection draws from light and shadow, creating a dazzling effect of vibrant colors with gentle and delicate hues. The same flamboyance radiates through each creation, sparked by a whirlwind of inspiration and dizzying contrasts. A collection of fireworks, both joyous and refined, reflecting the creativity and savoir-faire of the house of Cartier.