Cartier Nécessaires à Parfum - Diabolo case

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Cartier Nécessaires à Parfum - Diabolo case

REF.:  FH030046

Product description

A limited edition Nécessaire à Parfum, adorned with a panther, a bellboy and a red box, emblems of Maison Cartier. To be combined with 30 ml glass refills, which slip into the case. Several fragrances are available among our collections.

About the collection

Refined for men and women alike, Cartier creates a collection of everyday perfume essentials to keep close at hand. Sophisticated and portable, the Cartier Nécessaires à Parfum invent a new design: simple, original and modern, made to house all the perfumes in 30 ml refillable glass bottles. These bottles are slipped into diversely decorated cases, inspired by Cartier’s emblematic motifs.