Eau de Toilette III L'Heure Vertueuse Spray

REF: FC037037

Rosemary green and lavender blue… An old nursery rhyme leads us back to a medicinal garden grown wild with sprightly aromatic herbs, wise plants picked to cheer body and soul. The apothecary’s prescription: an infusion of lentiscus joy and courage, a bracing THYME cure for the blues, a secret verbena antidote for bitterness, a teasing lash of green ABSINTHE, a lavender whiff of wellbeing, a soothing embrace of ALMOND NOTES. And so, in a halo of joyful kindness, the virtuous hour chases the clouds away and revives our spirits… Thyme and sweet marjoram, hyssop and rue.

A creative statement that gives carte blanche to our In-House Perfumer: Mathilde Laurent A tribute to the great History of Perfumery and the Art of Perfume Carefully selected ingredients and authentic compositions that keep their natural colors Mathilde Laurent was honored by two prestigious FIFI awards for La Treizième Heure: the Experts Prize and the Perfumers Prize Each Heure de Parfum is the expression of the Cartier fragrance style