Déclaration Haute Fraîcheur Eau de Toilette Spray

Déclaration Haute Fraîcheur Eau de Toilette Spray

REF.:  66100029

Product description

The new Declaration Haute Fraicheur shows us a second nature that is as botanical as it is vivacious. The scent is enriched by the spicy and woody palette, emblematic and elegant, known for its intense olfactory notes. Lending a vivacity to the original ingredients of Declaration Eau de Toilette, the fragrance blooms again, unprecedented and like a new spring. The cedar is brimming with sap, the spices are fresher, the citrus leaves are greener and more delicate - a true explosion of life! The beauty and simplicity of this freshness is reflected in the new coloring of the bottle, tinted green with shades of blue and gray, tailored to match the elegance of this scent.

About the collection

A fragrance for expressing the things that matter. An emotional fragrance leaving a woody, spiced trail enlivened with a note of freshness.