Oud & Santal Perfume Refill Pack 2x30 ml

Oud & Santal Perfume Refill Pack 2x30 ml

REF.:  FH030002

Product description

30 ml glass refills that slip into the cases of the Nécessaires à Parfum. Infinite possibilities, allowing you to change fragrance at any time and from one day to the next, according to your desires. A choice among a variety of fragrances in the Cartier collections.

About the collection

Refined for men and women alike, Cartier creates a collection of everyday perfume essentials to keep close at hand. Sophisticated and portable, the Cartier Nécessaires à Parfum invent a new design: simple, original and modern, made to house all the perfumes in 30 ml refillable glass bottles. These bottles are slipped into diversely decorated cases, inspired by Cartier’s emblematic motifs.