Heure Perdue Eau de Parfum

Heure Perdue Eau de Parfum

REF.:  FC075015

Product description

Tangible, delicate, concrete reality... as long as you can find a way to reach it! Imagine if it were possible, as a time traveler, to enter L'HEURE PERDUE – the lost hour in which we could once again share the pleasure of a long-forgotten childhood treat. Ah, that exquisite softness that flows from all our childhoods, from a universal memory. Where does it come from, this sensual hour with its creamy aroma, fundamental and echoing the past? From an elegant HELIOTROPINE memory, from one person's appetite to another? Voluptuous and intimate like the scent of familiarity. Perhaps because everything is ruled by science, so clever in posing as natural when in fact it is a feat of alchemy, exploring the artificial through a precipitate of large synthetic molecules, particularly VANILLIN. This aldehyde with sensual aromas and a silky IRACINE aura floating over the lost 11th and progressive hour, demystifying the conventional idea that beauty is only worthwhile if it is NATURAL.

About the collection

A creative statement that gives carte blanche to our In-House Perfumer: Mathilde Laurent A tribute to the great History of Perfumery and the Art of Perfume Carefully selected ingredients and authentic compositions that keep their natural colors Mathilde Laurent was honored by two prestigious FIFI awards for La Treizième Heure: the Experts Prize and the Perfumers Prize Each Heure de Parfum is the expression of the Cartier fragrance style