Diabolo de Cartier box, medium model

Lacquered wood and lacquered gold-finish metal
Diabolo de Cartier box, medium model

REF.:  OG000490

Product description

Diabolo de Cartier box, medium model, in lacquered wood and lacquered gold-finish metal. Dimensions: W 7.8 x L 7.8 x H 5.6 cm

About the collection

From Jeanne Toussaint’s L’oiseau libéré (Freed Bird) – created in 1944 to celebrate the Liberation – to the Cartier bellboy, with a red box heart, to the ladybug, Cartier’s animal of choice since the 1930s: Cartier invites, haphazardly and on a miniature scale, the Maison’s great symbols to illustrate a collection of playful and irresistible objects. From gadrooned metal dotted with pins to label cases, a music box, a piggy bank, a set of blocks: all these objects entertain. Notebooks, pencil boxes, porcelain, photo frames: each object has its own feel.