Cartier Baby fox tumbler

Cartier Baby fox tumbler

REF.:  OG000379

Product description

Tumbler in sterling silver 925/1000 featuring the Cartier Baby fox motif. Dimensions: D 6.5 x H 7 cm

About the collection

Since the beginning of the 20th century, animals have appeared in Cartier’s history in the form of small hard-stone sculptures, decorative objects designed by Louis Cartier. A true zoological gallery, Cartier’s history is filled with animals both domestic and wild. A colorful menagerie that resembles, on occasion, a Cabinet of Curiosities and that, today, inspires a collection designed for babies. A butterfly, rabbit, panda, fox and mouse, each with stylized eyes featuring motifs of the Maison logo, stamped on childhood objects: egg cups, spoons, tumblers, silver photo frames and cashmere blankets.